My artwork reflects my background in interior design and theater.  My sculptures and paintings are characterized by a love of process, a strong sense of color, storytelling, mechanisms, manipulation of materials, humor, and playfulness.  The intensive handwork involved in the creation of my work allows it to cross the boundary between fine art and craft.

©Alex Mitchell, Mixed Media Paintings

Every so often, I am able to participate in a fundraiser that is special to me.  This year I created “The Courage To Be A Tree” from all recycled materials for the Straub Environmental Center.  And two years ago I created “The Universe Conspires” for “Art of Communication” at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.  Both events were held in Salem, Oregon. 

©2014 Alex Mitchell, MY COLORS INSIDE, A Bilingual Poem Picture Book

Please refer to my “ART-BOOKS” section for details about “My Colors Inside.”
Or go directly to Blurb.com for a full book preview and purchase info (www.blurb.com/b/5038601-my-colors-inside).


©2013 Alex Mitchell, GO AHEAD, A Bilingual Poem Picture Book

Please refer to my “ART-BOOKS” section for details about “Go Ahead, Be A Monster, But Don’t Forget To Smile.”Or go directly to Blurb.com for a full book preview and purchase info (www.blurb.com/b/4114245-go-ahead-be-a-monster-but-don-t-forget-to-smile).

VIDEO:   “Go Ahead, Be A Monster, But Don’t Forget To Smile”

VIDEO:   The “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project

©2013 Alex Mitchell, THE "EXQUISITE DOODLE" ARTIST PROJECT, International Mail-Art Group Project
Inspired by the “Exquisite Corpse” game of the Surrealists in the 20’s, and with the participation of a talented group of international artists, the “Exquisite Doodle” Artist Project required the players to doodle in succession on a little paper scroll set inside a small box.  This video celebrates the end of the project, and on the “Art In Communication” blog you’ll find the whole project documented

©2012 Alex Mitchell, ON THE DIVINITY OF TIME - BLUE MOMENT (DETAIL), Polymer Clay SculptureFour small sculptures serve as altars to Time in this series.  My little “On the Divinity of Time” poem puts it into words.


VIDEO:  “The Dragon And The Bear”

©2011 Alex Mitchell, THE DRAGON AND THE BEAR, Paper Theater for Music Video

©2011 Alex Mitchell, PAPER THEATER MAGIC - BEHIND THE SCENES, Paper Theater for Music Video
My inspiration for making this music video was to capture the magic of a paper theater, tell the story of the song, and express the joy of the music.

VIDEO:   "Goodbye Me-Monsters"

©2011 Alex Mitchell, GOODBYE VANARPY (DETAIL), Polymer Clay Miniature Book-Sculpture Automata
Using a book as support, I combine a polymer clay sculpture with a painted image, a poem, and a hand-crank mechanism.

VIDEO:  "Making Monster Puppets"

©2010 Alex Mitchell, GIMMEMORUS PUPPET, Fabric Monster Hand Puppet
Making hand puppets was part of my process of developing the personalities of my "Me-Monsters."

VIDEO:  "The Making of a Monster"

©2010 Alex Mitchell, BRUTUS, Mixed Media Marionette Sculpture
Creating large marionette sculptures was part of my exploration of bringing my "Me-Monsters" to life.

VIDEO:  "El Happy Mundo: The Work in My Studio"

©2008 Alex Mitchell, LOVE STORY, Wood and Mixed Media Pedestal Sculpture
The installation for “El Happy Mundo” had comical wood and mixed media sculptures dealing with emotions of loneliness and longing in one room, while playful fabric sculptures representing beauty and innocence (The Kitties) were the colorful inhabitants of an imaginary world called La-La Land in another room.

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